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Your Neighborhood Kitchen

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We wanted to name it “The Best Forkin’ Salad You’ve Ever Had” but it didn’t fit on the sign.

We thought about “The Great Salad” but that just felt pretentious. 

We settled on The Good Salad because that’s what we do. 


We make good food, for good people so that they can feel good. But we didn’t stop there, we made it taste good too. 

Think Healthy = Bland? Not here. 

We’ve crafted a menu full of signature chef-crafted salads, but you always have the flexibility to customize them or design your own. Whatever you choose, you get exactly what you want. 

We source quality ingredients, prepare everything in house, and set you up with a box that makes it easy to have your salad anywhere. 

So whether you need a quick lunch, a portable dinner, or something your whole crew will crave, The Good Salad has you covered. 

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